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Athens, Greek Capital,took its name from the goddess Athena,the goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Here was born democracy. Here was created the masterpiece of architecture, the Parthenon. Here art became inseparable element of life, and here Pericles delivered the epitaph, monument of the word. In the consciousness of the whole civilized world, Athens is the symbol of freedom, art and democracy. City where legend merges with the story. Under this land, cultural layers, leading to the dawn of time reaching the birth of humanity. On it lives and moves a large modern city, which continues uninterrupted path. A history of millennia, boom and decline, of modesty and magnificence, splendor and darkness. Athens today is body and soul of Hellenism, is a city with numerous bright mansions and marble buildings, where visitors can enjoy the nightlife. Enjoy also a western modern city, a safety box  in whichare deposited the latest developments, technologies, events, entertainment, arts and letters from around the world.